Designed to encapsulate Gorman’s personality of “thoroughly modern and inspired by the everyday,” this boutique celebrates the beauty of timber, elevated by accents of copper, steel and stone. Recycled messmate timber is embraced as a ‘place-maker’ for the brand; a single expression of Gorman’s value in sustainable and ethical manufacturing.

The geometric patterning of Gorman’s garments inspired a triangular motif, articulated in the store’s dramatic, pleated wall panels and ceilings of messmate timber. These folding forms carve discrete wall niches to display a selection of garments, while framing private zones for changing on the reverse side. Limed oak parquetry floors mimic the store’s angular forms in two-dimensional form.

Copper clothing rails, wall-mounted timber shelves and freestanding ladder displays offer a diverse landscape of product to traverse. Bespoke display tables, stools and a curved ottoman elevate this flexible ‘play zone,’ allowing Gorman to reconfigure the layout according to their needs.

A selection of projects

Globe St Kilda

Alannah Hill Emporium

Claude Maus Boutique